The JLI launched a Religions, Humanitarianism, and Development Research Reading Group in February 2020, welcoming all academics and researchers to speak on relevant topics. The group meets virtually for one hour on a regular basis to share their research.

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2024 Sessions

View the May 2024 session

  • Dr Sandra Iman Pertek (University of Birmingham) presented her guidance notes ‘Faith sensitive protection from violence against women and girls in humanitarian and forced migration contexts’.

View the February 2024 session

  • Dr Nina Kurlberg (Durham University) presented from her thesis ‘The ‘Telos’ of faith-based aid: Christian organising in development, humanitarianism and advocacy through the lens of institutional logics’.

2023 Sessions

View the October 2023 session

  • Dr Christine Schliesser, Universität Freiburg, and Dr. Azza Karam, Religions for Peace, presented on Dr Schliesser’s new book ‘On the Significance of Religion for the SDGs. An Introduction.

View the August 2023 session

  • Dr. Anupama Ranawana, Christian Aid, and Prof Jimoh Amzat, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, talked about the role religious actors in public health emergencies in Nigeria.

View the June 2023 session

  • Dr Stephen Offutt, from Asbury Theological Seminary presented his new book ‘Blood Entanglements: Evangelicals and Gangs in El Salvador’

View the April 2023 session

  • Prof Mariz Tadros, CREID/Institute of Development Studies, talked about her new e-book ‘‘What about us?’ Global Perspectives on Redressing Religious Inequalities’

View the February 2023 session

  • Eduardo Dullo, UFRGS Brazil, talked about ”Refashioning the future: testimonies as a practice of transformation in Brazil”.

2022 Sessions

View the December 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Jayeel Cornelio PhD, Ateneo de Manila University, presented his article “Going home: youth and aspirations in postconflict Marawi, Philippines”

View the October 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Prof Dr Erin K. Wilson, University of Groningen, presented her upcoming book ‘Religion and World Politics – Connecting Theory with Practice’.

View the July 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Jason Paltzer, Wisconsin Lutheran College, presents: A Christian collaborative for public health research and evidence-based practice

View the June 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Prof. Katherine Marshall, Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs & World Faiths Development Dialogue, presented “Impressions & Indications of Religious Engagement in Development”.

View the April 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Karsten Lehmann presents: Construction of the Concept of Religion in the United Nations’ General Assembly: From Human Rights to Dialogue and Harmony.

View the February 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Julia Berger presents: Ideas, Religion, and Social Change: The Baha’i International Community and the United Nations.

View the January 2022 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Romina Istratii presents: Working with religious communities to address domestic violence in peace and war-time: Insights from project dldl/ድልድል in Ethiopia’.

2021 Sessions

View the December 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Seb Rumsby presents his paper: Hmong Christianisation, the Will to Improve and the Question on Neoliberalism in Vietnam’s Highlands

View the November 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • John Blevins presents his paper: COVID-19 and the Politics of Life and Death

View the October 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Philip Fountain and Edoardo Siani present their chapters: Political theologies and development in Asia: Transcendence, sacrifice, and aspiration.

View the September 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Nalika Gajaweera presents on the intersection of gender, nationalism, and faith-based giving in Sri Lanka: “The Mothers of the Righteous Society: Lay Buddhist Women as Agents of the Sinhala Nationalist Imaginary”.

View the July 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Elisabet le Roux presents her paper, “Can Religious Women Choose? Holding the Tension between Complicity and Agency”

View the June 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Christine Schliesser, Prof. Pauline Kollontai, and Dr. Ayse Kadayifci Orellana, launch their book, “On the Significance of Religion in Conflict and Conflict Resolution”

View the May 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Namrata Sharma, State University of New York, on Value-Creating Global Citizenship Education for Sustainable Development

View the April 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Xavier Moyet presents his paper on “Pentocostalism, Public Health and COVID-19 in Nigeria”

View the March 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Riham Khafagy presents her paper “Faith-based organizations: humanitarian mission or religious missionary”

View the February 2021 Academic Reading Group Webinar

  • Dr. Nora Khalaf-Elledge presents her paper, “It’s a tricky one” – development practitioners’ attitudes towards religion

View the Special Book Launch of Islam and International Development – January 14, 2021

  • Co-editors Ajaz Ahmed Khan and Affan Cheema introduce the book along with chapter author Dr. Silvia Brown.

2020 Sessions

View the tenth academic reading group webinar – December 10, 2020

  • Dr. Aikande Kwayu presents her book, “Religion and British International Development Policy”

View the ninth academic reading group webinar – November 12, 2020

  • Ela Drazkiewicz presents a chapter from her book on “The Moral Economy of Foreign Aid: Religion and Institutions”

View the eigth academic reading group webinar – October 29, 2020

  • Prof. Cecelia Lynch presents on her new book, “Wrestling with God: Ethical Precarity in Christianity and International Relations.”

View the seventh academic reading group webinar – September 10, 2020

  • Diana Rayes presents on her paper, “Faith-based coping among Arabic-speaking refugees seeking mental health services in Berlin, Germany.”

View the sixth academic reading group webinar – July 9, 2020

  • Fabian Winger presents on his article, “More than an intensive care phenomenon”: Religious communities and the WHO Guidelines for Ebola and Covid-19.

Fifth academic reading group webinar – June 11, 2020

  • Andrea Steinke presents on her article, “Faith and Professionalism in Humanitarian Encounters in Post-Earthquake Haiti”

View the fourth academic reading group webinar – May 14, 2020

  • Philipp Öhlmann presents on the first chapter of his book with Wilhelm Grab and Marie-Luise Frost, “African Initiated Christianity and Sustainable Development”.

View the third academic reading group webinar – April 16, 2020

  • Participants discuss Research in Religion and Development in light of COVID-19

View the second academic reading group webinar – March 12, 2020

  • Professor Emma Tomalin presents on her new publication, “Global aid and faith actors: the case for an actor-orientated approach to the ‘turn to religion’.”

View the first academic reading group webinar – February 13, 2020

  • Dr. Olivia J. Wilkinson discusses her book: “Secular and Religious Dynamics in Humanitarian Response.”