This page details all the research outputs from the JLI Research Team and the JLI Learning Hubs since our inception. The page is organized first into the reports directly from the Learning Hubs, publications from the JLI Research Team, then a section on JLI conference convening, and finally some insight into the organizations worldwide that JLI Partners collaborates with.

Learning Hub Reports and Books

JLI has published nine faith and development-focused thematic scoping studies and several additional reports and a book from the collaboration within learning hubs. This work has generated ground-breaking evidence on the potential for more effective faith engagement across topics such as maternal and child health, community resilience in fragile settings, peace and conflict, community mobilization, refugees and forced migration, and violence against women and children.

Further publications from the GBV Hub include:

Many of these reports have also been translated into evidence-based policy recommendations as well as concrete policy outcomes. See, for example, the Policy Brief and Recommendation to the Global Compact on Refugees.

JLI Research Team Publications

The JLI Research Team also conducts and publishes research, collaborating with organisations and research consultants around the world to investigate the roles of faith actors in humanitarian, development, and peace work. These publications range from research reports to journal articles and blog posts. In 2020, JLI’s Director of Research, Dr Olivia Wilkinson also launched her book Secular and Religious Dynamics in Humanitarian Responsewhich focuses on the role of secular actors in faith engagement. 

This list highlights some of JLI’s 2019 and 2020 publications:

Highlights from previous years include:

JLI Conference Involvement

JLI has been a co-organiser or major contributor to a number of conferences that highlight local faith community roles and dialogues for better partnerships, including:

Current Partnerships

JLI Partners collaborates with many organizations worldwide to build evidence and serve as a knowledge partner.

JLI and Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University and the World Faiths Development Dialogue

Faith and Positive Change for Children- Global Initiative on Social Behavior Change

In 2020, partners launched a Global Multi-Religious Faith-in-Action COVID-19 Initiative, Faith-in-Action Guidance Documents and virtual ‘Mind and Heart Dialogue Training’.

Partners: UNICEF, Religions for Peace and Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities

International Partnership on Religion and Development (PaRD)

Knowledge Partnership and Workstream evidence support (three workstreams, gender equity, health, and peacebuilding)

KAICIID: Knowledge Partnership

Establishing Platforms in Conflict Areas to Support the Mobilisation of Local Faith Communities

Refugees & Migration: Local Faith Communities role in response and focus on children on the move and Eastern Europe

Previous Partnerships


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Belgium Consortium South Sudan

The role of local faith actors in humanitarian response Bridge Builders report published in 2020

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COVID-19 Response among Faith-based Health Organizations Survey

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities (JLI) are working together to identify unmet needs for support among faith-based health providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This will be a monthly survey to see how needs change over the course of the response.</p?