What does the East Africa Learning Hub do?

The East Africa Learning Hub on Governance, Peacebuilding, and Local Faith Actors, was launched in April 2022, following nine months of outreach, coalition building and initial research in the region. 

The Hub brings together local, national, and regional actors – including researchers, faith organizations, and practitioners – from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.  

The East Africa Learning Hub provides a unique platform for actors in the region to explore the roles that local faith actors play in governance and peacebuilding work in East Africa. A series of Listening Dialogues conducted with regional actors identified gaps in the evidence about this, as well as a lack of regional mechanisms to coordinate work and share best practice.

The Hub will be a horizontal learning space, where members can collectively identify evidence gaps and priorities; collaborate on creating evidence to address those gaps; and support each other’s work through capacity-sharing and coordination. 

The East Africa Hub was developed as part of JLI’s Fair & Equitable Initiative, which seeks to challenge unequal global power dynamics in the production of knowledge and evidence. Through building and supporting Regional Hubs, JLI hopes to shift power and resources to local, national, and regional actors, so that they can define and pursue their own evidence agendas.

Hub Leadership

JLI staff member
John Okanga
Professor Fredrick Ogenga
Peacemaker Corps Foundation Kenya

2022 East Africa Learning Hub plans

The East Africa Learning Hub will focus on the following activities for the remainder of 2022:

  • Finalizing Hub Terms of Reference and Action Plan (June)
  • Conducting Scoping Study on the Role of Local Faith Actors in Governance and Peacebuilding in East Africa (June – November)
  • Regional Webinar highlighting learnings from the Scoping Study (November)

The Hub will also host regular meetings for members to connect, share work, and collaboratively plan activities


JLI East Africa Learning Hub – Terms of Reference

The East Africa Learning Hub on Governance, Peacebuilding and Local Faith Actors was launched in April 2022. The East Africa Hub brings together researchers, practitioners, and faith actors in the region who have a shared interest in governance and peacebuilding, ...

Join the East Africa Hub!

Are you an individual or organization based in East Africa? Do you have an interest in collaborating on peacebuilding, governance, and local faith actors? 

Joining the East Africa Learning Hub is free. By joining the East Africa Learning Hub, you will be able to connect and collaborate with a growing network of colleagues in the region, and also become a member of JLI’s global network of researchers, practitioners, faith actors and policy makers.

For more information about the East Africa Hub, contact Sadia Kidwai at [email protected]