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Part 1: For health and development actors – Engaging Faith actors in COVID-19 vaccine rollout

COVID-19 vaccine rollout poses challenges. Systematic approaches to engaging faith actors proactively, fairly, equitably, and appropriately are critical. Immediate issues where religious actors play significant roles in many places include equity, logistics of delivery, and responding to fears and misinformation. Given wide religious diversity and dynamism, as well as the influence of context (social, economic, political, cultural, etc.), care is needed. Generic guidance can thus be misleading. Instead, you can use
the following questions to help explore, for a given context, what, who, where, and how to work with faith actors on vaccines.

Part 2: For faith actors – What is your role in the COVID-19 rollout?

As faith actors, there are many roles that you can take in COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Faith communities are incredibly diverse and have different opportunities to consider. Rather than providing generic guidance, you can instead use these questions to start thinking about your context: what, who, where, and how you can be involved. Roles can include providing information to communities about the vaccines, delivering the vaccines, and linking with health and development organizations so that you can help them understand who should be prioritized for vaccines and how vaccines can be delivered.


Learn more about the JLI-WFDD- Berkley Center Religious Responses to COVID-19 Project

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