Peace & Conflict

About the Peace & Conflict Learning Hub

The Peace and Conflict Hub was a horizontal learning community that linked academics, policy makers and practitioners working on issues of faith and peace/conflict, within two areas:

  • A ‘faith based approach’ to peacebuilding, conflict prevention & conflict resolution and
  • multi faith/inter religious co-operation and programming

The Peace and Conflict Learning Hub published a scoping study outlining practical actionable recommendations in these areas for programmes and policy. Members of the Hub hoped to increase effective partnerships/collaboration between members of the Hub (secular and faith based) in conflict situations. The Hub focused on what is currently known within these areas, and how do we better communicate it. Then what do we need to know in terms of gaps to be addressed through further research and learning, with an emphasis on practical application afterwards.

In May 2016, the Peace and Conflict Learning Hub launched their scoping report at a side event at the World Humanitarian Summit. Chris Shannahan and Laura Payne of Coventry University authored “Faith-based Interventions in Peace, Conflict and Violence: A Scoping Study”, in close collaboration with the JLIF&LC Peace & Conflict Hub Members and Co-Chairs.

Practitioner Co-Chairs

  • Sarah Pickwick, Senior Conflict Adviser, World Vision
  • Lucy V. Salek (Moore), Senior Policy Advisor, Conflict Transformation & Fragile States, Islamic Relief

Academic Co-Chairs

  • Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem, Co-director of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University
  • Dr Chris Shannahan, Research Fellow, Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University

Past Hub Events

WCC, United Methodist Church, 7th Day Adventist Symposium


Commerce and Conflict Event at Church Center


Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Annual Conference: Peace Now More than Ever


Localising Response to Humanitarian Need


UN Strategic Learning Exchange & Skills Building Workshop: Religion, Gender and Youth Inclusion in Peace & Security


2017 Annual International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding


Interfaith Symposium Countering Fear and the Rise of Discrimination, Hate Speech and Hate Crimes in the UK


Responsibility Of Religions and Governments For Peace – Between Autonomy and Complementarity