What does the JLI MEAL Hub do?

The JLI Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Hub aims to provide a space for learning exchange on MEAL with and for local faith actors.

The MEAL Hub collaborates to explore the opportunities and potential challenges of working through partnerships with international organizations and local faith actors on MEAL.

The Hub is active in several areas:

Research: In 2021, the Hub launched a comprehensive Compendium of Good Practices on Conducting MEAL in Partnerships with International Actors and Local Faith Actors.

Learning Exchanges: The Hub organises regular online Learning Exchanges where Hub members can connect and share learnings on topics related to MEAL and local faith actors.

Meetings: Hub members meet every three months, to network, share evidence, and plan activities.

Hub Leadership

  • Dan Williams, Hope International
  • Asaad Taha, Islamic Relief USA
  • Dr. Jennifer Philippa Eggert, JLI


Join the MEAL Hub!

Joining the MEAL Hub is free for everyone. By joining the MEAL Hub, you can connect and collaborate with MEAL experts all over the world. MEAL Hub members have decades of experience working on MEAL.

Members have regular opportunities to network, share resources and exchange experiences through regular meetings and events. Hub members can support each other to improve policy and practice between faith groups, humanitarian, and development communities.