Get involved in Cadena International’s competition for teens to get involved and spread awareness of the COVID-19 situation.

Challenge for Youth: Make an engaging and respectful 90-second video in English, or English subtitles

Deadline to submit: April 1, 2020

  • For teens aged 13-16, focus on: Consciousness about the Importance of Self-Quarantining
  • For youth aged 17-21, focus on: Creating a Positive Impact on the Elderly Population

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Focus on Religious Dimensions and International Development Policy and Practice

We are launching an online platform and daily emails to collect and communicate information related to religious action responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to organize information so that it can be quickly found and used by development policymakers and practitioners and religious actors who seek to work together in the COVID-19 response. This follows from a meeting at the Berkley Center at Georgetown University on March 11, 2020, “Consultation on COVID-19: Exploring Faith Dimensions.” An event summary of the discussion is available here.


The focus will be: (a) to link actors and observers focused on religious response and a broader policy community; and (b) to keep a constant focus on the most vulnerable communities (refugee communities for example).


We plan a daily very brief note that will come from the Berkley Center account, on a set of new developments linked to religious responses and questions. The organizers (Katherine Marshall, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Georgetown University, Olivia Wilkinson, Joint Learning Initiative, and Dave Robinson, consultant) will initially take this as a mission; we welcome support from others. Please let us know if you have recommendations as to key messages. A goal is to curate information and to avoid overloading already overloaded information channels.


The platform will organize information in several categories, starting with recommendations on reliable sources of information about the pandemic itself. It focuses on (i) responses to directives to limit physical gatherings and their implications for religious communities; (ii) specific practices and adaptations of practices, messaging and advocacy, and countering negative religious voices; (iii) specific outreach to vulnerable people and communities; (iv) major advocacy efforts linked to religious actors; and (v), reflections on long term impacts and lessons.


View the Platform here.

Anyone can send information to us and we will post relevant material (send to

[email protected]). We will send one update per day that represents the latest news or strategy related to religions and COVID-19. Daily updates will be linked to the online platform.


You are invited to opt into the email list here:

On March 12, 2020, JLI held a webinar where Prof. Emma Tomalin presented on her new publication, “Global aid and faith actors: the case for an actor-orientated approach to the ‘turn to religion’.” Kathleen Rutledge, PhD Candidate at Queen Margaret University responded. Attendees participated in a discussion following the presentation.

Read the article abstract here

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