You can join the JLI either as an Individual Member, or an Organizational Member.

By joining the JLI, you can:

Become part of a 1000+ member global network of members, including researchers, practitioners and community representatives working on religions and development

Participate in our Global and Regional Joint Learning Hubs, which provide space for shared learning and collaborative research

Learn from others building evidence on religions and development by accessing our resources and events

Share evidence and practice about your work on a global platform with the JLI Blog and the JLI Resource Library

Stay up to date on research, evidence, and practice relating to religions and humanitarian, development, peacebuilding and other community work, both locally and globally, through the JLI Newsletter

Organizational Members can also nominate two of their own team members to join the JLI Leadership Council – a collective of organizational leaders from around the world working on religions and development. The JLI Leadership Council convenes four events each year, in which Council members can engage with experts on prioritized topics, and will meet in-person once a year beginning in 2023.

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By becoming a member of JLI, your affiliation will appear on our organization page (if you list your organization).

Learning Hubs

Members are invited to join JLI Learning Hubs. Our hubs are multi-religious, interdisciplinary, collaborative learning platforms for practitioners, policymakers, researchers and other experts to engage key stakeholders in religions and development. Hubs focus on increasing the evidence of faith engagement to inform and improve policy and practice between faith groups, humanitarian, and development communities.

Each hub is co-chaired by leading experts in these fields.

Hub Affiliation Benefits:

Access to Learning Hub Member-only documents, hub communications from co-chairs

Engage in hub activities and meetings (may also include participation in scoping papers, further projects and webinars)

Be equipped to share information in their own organizations (access to talking points, JLI policy briefs, and power points)

Current JLI Learning Hubs:

Ending Violence Against Children & Faith


Gender-based Violence Learning & Faith


Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) & Faith


Refugee, Forced Migration, & Faith

East Africa Hub

Governance, Peacebuilding, & Local Faith Actors

Middle East Hub

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, & Learning (MEAL) & Faith

Syria Hub

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) & Culture