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Media Advisory for June 18 Beirut Seminar

MEDIA ADVISORY: Invitation to join livestream event & interview speakers THE CRUCIAL ROLE OF LOCAL FAITH ACTORS DELIVERING THE GLOBAL COMPACT ON REFUGEES WHEN: 10AM – 1PM Tuesday 18 JUNE 2019 WHERE: ISSAM FARES INSTITUTE, AUB, BEIRUT                       KEY SPEAKERS: Ministry of Social Affairs ...

Opinion: Faith organizations are key in global refugee response

By Jean Duff April 25, 2019 Local faith communities are often first responders on the frontlines of meeting daily basic needs. But like refugees and migrants, faith-based organizations can face discrimination. It’s time to include faith-based organizations, and respect local faith communities for who ...

Invitation to provide feedback on new Road Map – HIV among Migrants and Refugees

You are invited to provide feedback to the outcome document of the Workshop on HIV among Migrants and Refugees: Strengthening collaboration among faith-based organizations, multi-lateral organizations, governments, and civil society in addressing HIV risk, provision of services, and advocacy that took place on ...

Christian Aid Global Strategy 2019-2026

Standing Together For Dignity, For Equality, For Justice Christian Aid’s groundbreaking work began in 1945, when we were founded by British and Irish churches to help refugees following the Second World War. For more than 70 years, we have provided long-term development support and humanitarian relief for ...

Michel Sidibé: Role of faith-based organizations critical for fighting HIV

The World Council of Churches (WCC) posted the following News article: 21 February 2019 In remarks during a workshop on HIV among migrants and refugees, UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibé spoke of the challenge of HIV in what has become a rapidly changing and very unpredictable world. “We believe you ...

Talking and Thinking About Refugees: A Resource for Teachers

THREE2SIX Children's Refugee Education Project Motivating Mutual Understanding and Social Justice This resource has been designed to inspire lesson ideas. You do not have to use it as a script but as a set of examples of the kinds of conversations and activities that can be facilitated in your ...

SEREDA (Sexual and Gender-base violence in the refugee crisis: from displacement to arrival) research opportunity

SEREDA (Sexual and Gender-based violence in the refugee crisis: from displacement to arrival) is a major new international research initiative led by University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research Into Superdiversity (IRiS) in partnership with Bilkent University, Uppsala University and University of Melbourne. ...

The Rights of Forced Migrants in Islam

Click here  to view Islamic Relief's report, The Rights of Forced Migrants in Islam. Islam has a strong heritage of protection of forced migrants. It is a tradition which provides a robust and generous framework for the protection of and provision for forced migrants, enshrining rights such as the rights to ...

Forced Displacement, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Middle East

Click here to view the World Council of Churches call to action on forced displacement, refugees, and IDPs in the Middle East. This call to action relays the urgent need for faith leaders to act on the unprecedented forced displacement crisis in the Middle East, and outlines policy recommendations ...
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