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About JLI

An international collaboration on evidence for faith actors’ activities, contributions, and challenges to achieving humanitarian and development goals. Founded in 2012, JLI came together with a single shared conviction: there is an urgent need to build our collective understanding, through evidence, of faith actors in humanitarianism and development.

In 2018, ACT Alliance, Anglican Alliance, Arigatou International GNRC, Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities, Mennonite World Conference, Micah Global, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Talitha Kum Alzati, World Council of Churches, World Evangelical Alliance and World Vision International  participated in the Global Church Partners Forum on Children on the Move in Rome, Italy. The  Forum provided a platform to  reflect on faith-based contributions to end violence against children as it relates to children on the move (children or young people and their families who are forcibly displaced internally or refugees).

To ensure the Forum had a sound evidence base, the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities (JLI), in collaboration with the Partners, compiled three Learning Briefs on:

On November 17/18, 2022, World Vision and Arigatou International are planning an event as part of the Day of Prayer and Action for Children in Rome. They asked the JLI to update the 2018 Learning Briefs to highlight more recent trends, good practice and challenges in faith-based interventions for displaced children. This will help participants move the global agenda forward for the benefit of children on the move.

In order to learn what faith actors have done between 2018 and 2022 in relation to children on the move, we invite you to submit: 

  • Good Practice Examples of projects or programs AND/OR
  • Any relevant documents that your organization or your partners have produced between 2018 and 2022

The deadline for submission is Friday 5th August 2022. 

Requirements for examples and documents:

  • engage with children on the move as a beneficiary
  • are about interventions that are well into the implementation phase (not in early stages) to allow for reflections on the lessons learned
  • have a faith-based component in the approach. 

Areas of intervention may include:

  • PREVENTION of migration and the root causes that drive children and their families to migrate,
  • RESPONSE to children’s needs and those of their families along the route, in transit and destination countries, including in relation to COVID-19  
  • SENSITIZATION & AWARENESS RAISING amongst many groups including receiving communities, improving consciousness among local faith communities of children on the move
  • POLICY/ADVOCACY at any level
  • RESILIENCE How faith contributes to individual or community resilience and/or provides spiritual and/or psychosocial support during the migration experience

Good Practice Examples: We request you to please submit examples that represent good practice in your view. If you would like to submit more than one example, please submit a new form submission for each example. There are no word limits for each question.

Documents only: If you don’t have any specific good practice example, but would like to share a resource (e.g. a report, project evaluation…) that your organization or one of your partners has published in the last 4 years, please upload them using the form or send them directly to

If you have any questions on the scope of this project, please email the JLI’s acting Director of Research, Dr Jennifer P. Eggert, at 

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