About this research project

The impact of the curriculum and interaction with diverse groups of people on youth behaviour towards people from religious minority backgrounds in South Punjab, Pakistan

Hi Voices conducted a review of previous research and a new survey both in person and online to analyze youth behavior towards people of other religions, their interaction and learnings with them. We conducted a survey from 366 young people from diverse backgrounds, using random sampling methods from the South Punjab mostly Multan region of Pakistan. The results showed that conversations about the rights of people from religious minorities still face backlash from the young community. Also, surveys show that society is still polarized with most young people thinking that the educational curriculum still needs much improvements related to advocating for religious equality.

I live in the South Punjab region of Pakistan which has seen a number of sectarian violent incidents throughout history. This lived experience inspired me to start working for peace and PVE. Since 2015, I have been working for multiple national, international and global organisations and I found that there is a lack of educational data on PVE in my region that could be used in curriculum that advocates for religious equality. This overall situation encouraged me to start my research and collect data relevant to these issues.

Ali Raza Khan, Researcher

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