Date(s) - 23/04/2018
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm


 Catholic Relief Services and Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution Program

Herman Room at the Healey Family Student Center at Georgetown University

Panel discussion on Responding to Religious Violence: Lessons from the Field

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This panel explores CRS’ integrated approach to peacebuilding and the key challenges and opportunities for transforming violent conflicts that manifest religious dimensions. Panelists will share their experiences of what works – and what doesn’t – in engaging religious actors to address conflicts, as well as look to future prospects for creative and responsive interreligious programming. Speakers will also share practical examples of strategies for integrating peacebuilding and development as well as preventing and responding to religiously motivated violence.


Opening Remarks:

  • Katherine Marshall is a senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, where she leads the center’s work on religion and global development, and a professor of the practice of development, conflict, and religion in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. She helped to create and now serves as the executive director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue.
  • Aaron Chassy is the Director of the Equity, Inclusion and Peacebuilding team at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) headquarters. Aaron currently provides technical and thought leadership in increasing the effectiveness of CRS’ many development and humanitarian areas of programming through the integration of peacebuilding and governance.


  • Myla Leguro is Interreligious Peacebuilding Program Director at Catholic Relief Services. Myla is a trained peacebuilding and development practitioner with 28 years’ experience in Mindanao, Philippines. Her engagement in peacebuilding involved supporting local groups and organizations in peace education, interreligious dialogue, grassroots peacebuilding, conflict resolution, peace governance and civil society peace advocacy.
  • Shamsia Ramadhan is the Program Manager for Capacity Building for Inter-Religious Community Action. She has been directing a multi-country project working with faith-based actors in West Africa, East Africa and North Africa. She has developed a handbook for interreligious action which contains peacebuilding aspects, faith-based values that can promote joint action by faith groups.
  • Nell Bolton is Senior Technical Advisor for Justice & Peacebuilding at Catholic Relief Services. Her global experience includes peacebuilding and governance programing in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, in addition to social justice initiatives in Louisiana. Nell holds Masters degrees in international peace studies and in theology, with a focus on the intersection of religion, gender, and peacebuilding.

Reflections by:

  • Rebecca Cataldi is a conflict resolution specialist and trainer, and serves as Senior Program Officer at the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD), where her work has focused on facilitating conflict resolution and countering violent extremism (CVE).
  • Martine Miller, is the Director Asia (regional), Inclusive Peace (global) and Libya (lead), at the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers.


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Date(s) - 25/06/2018 - 27/06/2018
12:00 am


In June 2018, Girls Not Brides will convene the largest ever meeting of advocates committed to ending child marriage. It will be a unique opportunity to connect, learn, be inspired and achieve our common goal: allowing every girl, everywhere, to fulfil her potential.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Stall 7, Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088

Date(s) - 16/04/2018
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Religious law and religious influence over legislation impact the fulfilment of women´s rights including sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The seminar will focus on strategic practices and possible ways of collaboration that can advance women´s rights in a religious world and in a context of growing conservatism and roll-back on human rights. It will show that the involvement of, and engagement with, religious actors is imperative for the advancement of women´s rights including SRHR.

Organizer: RFSU and the Church of Sweden


Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, General Secretary, ACT Alliance

Zainah Anwar, Executive Director of Musawah
Elaine Neuenfeldt, Secretary for Women in Church and Society, Department for Theology and Public Witness of the Lutheran World Federation
Scarlet Bishara, Chair of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land
Hans Linde, Chair of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU


April 15 faith-related panel: Embrace the Complexity: the role of religion in work for gender equality

See more info at Stockholm Gender Forum

Date(s) - 15/04/2018
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Eighty per cent of the global population aliate with a religion. Personal faith is a driver for change, and religious actors play an important role in shaping norms. It’s important to identify strategies on how to support the progressive voices within religious movements as well as develop strategies on how to work with organisations and individuals who are different from us. This seminar strives to reach a deepened understanding of the role of religion and religious actors in development work for gender equality.

Moderator: Maria Bard, Advocacy Officer PMU


Faustina Nillan , Spokesperson Side by Side Tanzania coalition 

Fazeela Selberg Zaib, Chairwoman and co-founder of Lighthouse Relief 

Charlotta Norrby, Acting Director, Dep. Partnership and Innovation, Sida, Sweden             

Josephine Sundqvist, PhD Religion and Society


April 16 panel: Religious legislation and norms: Friend or foe in the work for women’s rights?

See more info on Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality

Date(s) - 15/05/2018
9:00 am


 Mobilisation of Local Faith Communities Hub Webinar

Guest speakers: Lincoln Lau, PhD, International Care Ministries and James Choi, PhD, Yale University

Discussion led by Mobilisation Hub Co-chair: Andrea Kaufmann, World Vision International

Photo Credit: International Care Ministries


James Choi PhD and Lincoln Lau PhD present the groundbreaking randomized control trial (RCT) to measure impact of faith and religion in the Philippines. This trial was an initiative between Innovations for Poverty Action and International Care Ministries lead by researchers, Dean Karlan (Northwestern University), James Choi (Yale University) and Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics and Political Science).




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About the Speakers:
  • Dr. Lincoln Lau leads the research team for International Care Ministries (ICM), a non-profit organization based in the Philippines that provides poverty alleviation programs to approximately 30,000 households every year. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Toronto. He seeks to creatively design studies to inform and enhance public health interventions targeted at marginalized and difficult-to-reach households.
  • Dr. James Choi is a professor of Finance at Yale University’s School of Management. His research spans behavioral finance, behavioral economics, household finance, capital markets, health economics, and sociology. His work on default options has led to changes in 401(k) plan design at many U.S. corporations and has influenced pension legislation in the United States and abroad. In other papers, he has investigated topics such as the influence of racial, gender, and religious identity on economic preferences, investor ignorance of mutual fund fees, the effect of deadlines and peer information on savings choices, how retail investor sentiment in China affects stock returns, and the use of subtle planning prompts to increase vaccination rates. Professor Choi is a recipient of the TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award for outstanding scholarly writing on lifelong financial security. He is ​an Associate Director of the Retirement Research Center at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the FINRA Investor Issues Committee,​ and a TIAA-CREF Institute Fellow.

Learn more about the Mobilisation of Local Faith Communities Hub

The Global Urban Crisis Alliance working group members is conducting an ECHO funded project to better understand the role of local organizations in response situations/ contexts.

Has your organization been involved in the last 14 urban response situations?
They need your help to map which actors are involved in urban contexts and what they are doing/ have been doing in the most recent emergencies.

GAUC Urban Activities Partner Survey

Please fill out and send the above completed survey to Hiruy Teka by April 20

USAID call for proposals for the implementation of people-to-people activities that mitigate conflict and promote reconciliation by bringing together individuals of different ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds in  Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Colombia, Honduras, and Jamaica.


The total amount available is 16 million US dollars and will be distributed along two competitive categories:

  1. Between 100 000 USD and 800 000 USD for Local Entities Only and
  2. Between 800 000 USD and 1 500 000 USD for Local Entities and Non-Local Entities (except for Colombia and Kosovo).

Closing Time: April 23, 2018.

See Detailed Request for Applications (RFA)


Application documents:

Date(s) - 06/04/2018
12:00 pm

Berkley Center for Religion and Peace


The Tanenbaum Center has documented pathbreaking but often unseen work by a group it calls religious peacemakers. Some are “people of the cloth,” but many others work from a deep spiritual conviction that combines a personal drive to actively combat conflicts with a vision of a better future. Joyce Dubensky, CEO of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, will present a memorandum—distilled from  Tanenbaum’s second volume of Peacemakers in Action: Profiles in Religious Peacebuilding—that draws on the organization’s many years of experience in supporting international religious peacebuilding. Peacemaker in Action Network members Rev. Bill Lowrey and Hind Kabawat work on the South Sudan and Syria peace processes, respectively, and will illustrate the importance of aligning diplomats with like-minded religious actors.

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For more information see Berkley Center Event

This event is co-sponsored by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.