About this research project

The impact of hate speech on mental health among youth (aged 18 to 35 years) who are active in peacebuilding and interfaith dialogue in Lebanon

This research is designed to highlight the impact of hate speech on young peacebuilders who are accounted to prevent and counter this narrative, with an emphasis to the importance of mental health care in preventing ramifications of hate speech on these activists.

This research will tackle the resilience and the vulnerability of youth who are active in interfaith dialogue, PVE and peacebuilding to hate speech, and will try to test the significance of the correlation between hate speech and mental health for youth (18-35 years old) with different backgrounds residing in Lebanon.

I care not only to start my own path and get involved in research but also to encourage my fellow volunteers who might be interested to start their research journey through creating a research group in Lebanon on the topics of youth and peace, dialogue, interfaith and PVE.

Ali Mahmoud, Researcher

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