Date(s) - 25/08/2021
9:00 am - 10:00 am


Join us for the MEAL Hub meeting on August 25 at 9 AM ET/ 2 PM BST. We invite members to come with new resources, events and faith & MEAL-related work to share.

Join via Zoom here

Rather than having a speaker as usual, we thought we’d use this session to reflect on the impact of Covid on our organisations’ MEAL work. We would therefore ask all participants to come to the session prepared to share about how Covid has changed (or not) their organisation’s MEAL work. We will then have a discussion about this amongst the MEAL Hub members. Questions we could look at include the following (but we are open to your suggestions, too, which we can discuss on the day):
  • Accounting for COVID’s impacts – many organizations seek to assess the impact of their work as a part of MEAL … but how have organizations adjusted their approaches, understanding that the pandemic has had the most significant impact on people’s lives?
  • Faith actors – for those that specifically work with LFAs, how have they seen their LFA partners pivot in the pandemic, and how has that impacted MEAL efforts?
  • Faith and MEAL – for those looking to understand the intersection of faith and their work, what have they learned about the role of faith in their work since the pandemic began?
  • Longitudinal studies – for organizations that use longitudinal research designs, or “baseline, midline, endline” type evaluation methods, what conversations did their organizations have about pivoting methods or continuing on? What did they do, and what did they learn?
  • Household evaluations – how have organizations weighed the risks of MEAL methods that require evaluators to visit beneficiaries or collect data in person?


  • 00:00-00:05: Welcoming
  • 00:05-00:15: Introductions
  • 00:15-00:45: Group discussion around the questions
  • 00:45-00:55: Project updates
  • 00:55-01:00: Wrap-up