Submission Guidelines

Please find the submission guidelines below:

All submissions must speak to themes, experiences, and perspectives related to local faith actors in humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding work.

Preference will be given to faith actors, researchers, and practitioners who can speak to their own direct experiences, including sharing personal stories or journeys, of working in or with local faith communities.  

For articles, please submit a 100 word pitch to [email protected] and await our response before submitting a full article

Blogs should use informal and accessible language (avoiding academic language or technical terms)

Articles and blogs should be between 600 – 850 words in length

JLI will collaborate with contributors to edit submissions where necessary

JLI may not be able to accept every pitch or submission

JLI will collaborate with contributors to identify an appropriate timeframe for posting content

Contributors may need to share their photo, organisational background (where relevant), geographic location, and social media handles before JLI can post a submission. Exceptions can of course be made for cultural or security concerns

Submitting content to the JLI Blog is voluntary, and JLI cannot offer monetary compensation. However, those submitting long-form articles (600-850 words), and who are experiencing financial hardship, may contact [email protected] for their eligibility to receive a stipend for their contribution.

All pitches and submissions may be submitted via the JLI website (see the form below), or by emailing [email protected]

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