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Click on the links below to access the Fair and Equitable Working Groups Call for Applications in Arabic, Spanish and French

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    • Haga clic aquí para la Iniciativa Justa y Equitativa – Expresión de interés en español
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JLI is inviting both members and other interested organizations and individuals to join one of the three Fair and Equitable Initiative working groups. Members and partners from the global south are particularly encouraged to apply whether or not you have been actively involved in the JLI previously. Up to 8 people will be selected for each group applying the following criteria:

  • Prioritizing local agencies and organizations working directly with local faith-based and secular organizations. Honoraria will be provided.
  • Promoting gender equality to ensure (where possible) representation across other intersectional issues, including disability, age, sexuality and religion.
  • Including representatives of agencies and networks with experience across sectors which may include anti-racism, intersectionality, localization, etc.


Please apply to join one of the Fair and Equitable working groups by completing the survey below and sending a CV to See the terms of reference for each group by clicking the download button (at the top right). The deadline for expressions of interest is April 23rd. 

Note: Many JLI members are already actively engaged in critical dialogue on decolonization through their respective professional and faith-based networks. JLI will seek to learn from these complementary processes and identify opportunities for JLI members to participate in the range of other public events on decolonization that fall outside the working groups’ scope.

The working group selection process will include the JLI Secretariat and select members of the JLI Board. The JLI Secretariat will provide logistical, coordination and advisory support to each of the working groups below:

  1. Regional listening dialogues: led by local and national faith actors to critically reflect on diversity, equity and inclusion in JLI’s joint learning models, by confronting asymmetries of power and identifying ways to change.  The dialogues will inform and guide JLI and its members to reshape joint learning models that prioritize the research agendas of global south partners.
  2. Global webinar series: interactive public learning events, bringing together academics and practitioners from across different regions and perspectives to discuss critical questions to make joint learning more fair and equitable in religions and development research.
  3. Theological dialogue: bringing together theologians, scholars, academics and development practitioners from diverse contexts to share different theologies, teachings, spiritual insights and lived experiences of relevance to decolonization.

These groups will be held in a common working language with translation available.


Read about the JLI Fair and Equitable Initiative here


If you have any questions, please reach out to

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