Date(s) - 29/03/2018
9:30 am - 11:00 am

World Bank



World Bank GBV Thematic Group presentation

Sermon Seeds: Strategies for Combatting Domestic Violence in Islamic Religious Contexts

with Dr. Ayesha Chaudhry and Dr. Rumee Ahmed

from the authors of the Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition and Islamic Perspective on Engaging Men & Boys to End Violence in the Family

The authors examine

  • the textual sources that form the foundation of Islam’s egalitarian spirit,
  • the challenges posed by historical interpretations of these sources,
  • ways to move forward in promoting gender equity, especially with respect to condemning domestic violence in all its forms.
  • the role that men and boys can play in creating a gender-equal reality

The authors propose a plan of action rooted in religious practice that can be implemented in Muslim communities around the world to combat domestic violence and promote gender equity.

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About the authors:

Dr. Ayesha S. Chaudhry is the Canada Research Chair in Religion, Law and Social Justice. She is Associate Professor of Islamic studies and Gender studies at the University of British Columbia, where she also serves on the Board of Governors. She is the author of Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Ethics, Law, and the Muslim Discourse on Gender (Oxford University Press, 2014). Dr. Chaudhry’s research focuses on Islamic legal and theological reform, promoting human rights by focusing on women’s rights. She has consulted on high-level national and international cases concerning human rights, religious freedom, and pluralism. She is currently working on two major projects, one entitled “Feminist Shari’a” and the other “The Colour of God”.

Dr. Rumee Ahmed (PhD, University of Virginia) is Associate Dean of Communication and Innovation in the Faculty of Arts and Associate Professor of Islamic Law at the University of British Columbia.  His publications include Narratives of Islamic Legal Theory (Oxford University Press, 2012) and Sharia Compliant: A User’s Guide to Hacking Islamic Law (Stanford University Press, 2018). He is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law, and is currently working on two manuscripts on Maturidi theology.