Date(s) - 12/09/2019
11:00 am


Hundreds of thousands of people have been seeking refuge in Europe in the last years. Very often, services have been provided for refugees but often they were not asked how they can fit in the new society that they are surrounded with. With the use of dialogue in the context of social inclusion of migrants and refugees in Europe, new opportunities can arise. This webinar clarifies what is dialogue in the first place, how it can be used in ones work and how dialogical approaches could be improved in their daily work. Therefore, this online webinar aims to provide new ideas on what dialogue can contribute to the field of social inclusion and how it can be incorporated in the work with migrants and refugees in Europe.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Senior Advisor to KAICIID and a professor at the School of International Service at American University

Moderator: Johannes Langer, Programme Manager for the Programme for the Social Inclusion of People Seeking Refuge in Europe

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