Date(s) - 07/12/2022
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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This Inform Seminar will consider the range of new religious responses to the uncertainty and crisis precipitated by climate change. We will look at responses by minority religions, but also consider a range of ways in which the current environment of crisis has impacted religious thinking and behaviour in new ways more broadly. 

Whether or not one ‘believes’ in man-made Climate Change, everyone has been impacted by unexpected weather in recent years from wildfires and droughts to hurricanes and changing monsoon patterns. Whilst it is impoverished and more vulnerable populations in the Global South that have been experiencing the worst of climate-related breakdown, we are seeing increasingly frequent and severe weather events in highly industrialised and wealthy nations. Again, it is more impoverished and vulnerable communities within the borders of these countries that are affected more severely. These trends look set to continue and everyone will eventually be affected by the damages and disruptions caused by climate change. 

To register, please make a donation to Inform using the PayPal link on the event page. A link to the seminar will then be sent to the email address you associate with the payment. If you are unable to make a donation at this time, please email [email protected] to register.

Speaker List

Dr Shanon Shah, Director of Faith for the Climate, will be chairing this seminar.

Dr Maria Nita, Lecturer in Religious Studies, The Open University:
“What are religious communities in Britain doing about the climate crisis? An exploration of lifestyle and protest actions among Green Christians”

Olivia FuchsCoordinator, Eco Dharma Network:
“A Buddhist view of climate justice and faith-inspired protest”

Grace DaCostaPublic Affairs and Media Manager, Quakers in Britain:
“Quiet justice: Quaker work on climate and protest”

Dr Alessandra PalangeCo-founder and Core Member, Muslims Declare:
“Letters from the Global South: An Islamically inspired grassroots awareness programme on climate justice”

Lucia Harrington, Climate Activist and Community Organiser, who used to work for Extinction Rebellion:
“Difficulties and Risks in defining radical environmentalism”

Dr Linda SeverSenior Lecturer, School of Arts and Media, University of Central Lancashire, Documentary Filmmaker and environmental activist:
“The voices of the ancestors and the spirits of the land: The pagan response to climate change and activism.”

Rev. Steve Hollinghurst responding.