Date(s) - 03/09/2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


A Conversation with Alberto Melloni

Berkley Center for Religions, Peace, & World Affairs, Georgetown University event page

Relationships among national and international institutions and religious organizations and communities color politics, governance expectations, and daily life in much of the world. The upheavals of the COVID-19 crisis have cast new light on perennial issues of ethics and belief fundamental for institutions and processes of governance. As we move into an unsettling post-COVID-19 era, global religious and interfaith networks aspire to revitalized roles in advancing global agendas. Many questions will arise along the path, including how religious ideals are framed and how contested questions—theological, philosophical, and practical—are to be addressed.

With the ambitious G20 Interfaith Forum in Bologna fast approaching (September 12-14), Professor Alberto Melloni will explore these challenges and questions in conversation with Katherine Marshall. The exchange is part of a new Berkley Center project centered on global religious and interfaith networks—their strengths, weaknesses, and practical ways to heighten their policy impact in the years ahead. Insights from this and other events in the series will serve as background for a strategy meeting of religious and interfaith leaders in spring 2022.

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