Date(s) - 19/05/2021
11:00 am - 1:30 pm


By Arigatou International, the Integration Center for Migrant Workers – Ecumenical Refugee Program from the Church of Greece, with the support and co-funded by the Network for Dialogue – KAICIID

The main aim of this webinar is to build awareness and dialogue on the role of ethics education for children to promote learning to live together among migrant, refugee and host communities in Europe.

Ethics Education for children proposes a transformative pedagogical approach that promotes participatory, collaborative and dialogical learning while exploring ethical challenges in society and helping children to develop empathy, solidarity and critical thinking about their social realities. Ethics Education for children looks at their holistic needs and promotes their wellbeing. The transformative pedagogical approach recognizes the agency of children to work together to contribute positively towards transforming their communities.

In exploring ethics education and its pedagogical approach to promote interfaith and intercultural learning, the webinar aims to provide a platform for the participants to:

  • Explore ethical challenges of intercultural and interfaith relations between migrant, refugee and host communities.
  • Identify how ethics education and its transformative pedagogical approach can support migrant, refugee and host communities to learn to live together.
  • Reflect on how ethics education to promote intercultural and interfaith learning can be implemented in their own contexts.


  • Ms. Eleonora Mura, Program Officer – Arigatou International


  • Mr. Barry van Driel, Secretary General – International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE)
  • Dr. Angeliki Aroni, Special Secretariat for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors in the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, Greece
  • Ms. Maria Lucia Uribe, Director – Arigatou International Geneva
  • The Very Reverend Archimandrite lakovos Andriopoulos, Director- Department of Development, CF Service of the Church of Greece, Member of the CCME Executive Committee (Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe)

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