Faith Action for Children on the Move: October 16-19 in Rome, Italy

Published by JLI and WVI in preparation for the Faith Action for Children on the Move – Global Partners Forum.

Key learnings

  1. An awareness of the embeddedness of religion in social, cultural, political and economic dynamics will help all actors to understand the nuances of faith partnerships. For example, though faith actors may work to combat xenophobia that affects children on the move, they may simultaneously perpetuate other social norms that negatively affect children.
  2. Because children on the move are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, faith actors are compelled by their beliefs to speak out for the protection of children and advocate for better practices, especially among people of the same faith.
  3. In educational environments, children can experience xenophobia-related bullying. Because faith actors are highly involved in education systems worldwide, high standards of protection and combating xenophobia must be attained and maintained. This includes helping children integrate into mainstream schools and educating for hospitality and tolerance in schools

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