Faith Action for Children on the Move: October 16-19 in Rome, Italy

Published by JLI and WVI in preparation for the Faith Action for Children on the Move – Global Partners Forum.

Key learnings

  1. Faith actors’ grounding in local communities allows them to build the community’s trust in and ownership of child protection mechanisms. Faith actors help to build bridges – among faiths, among government actors and other organisations, and with the host community – that are crucial for the success of child protections programmes for children on the move.
  2. Faith actors operate in ways that are automatically holistic and multi-sectoral. They respond to the varying needs of children on the move, including healthcare, education, psychosocial and spiritual
    support and needs of their parents and caregivers.
  3. More evidence is needed around the effectiveness of child friendly spaces (CFS) to continuously improve on current practices and gain a better understanding of the potential role of faith actors in CFS provision.
  4. Difficulties arise when community and grassroots initiatives are not supported by broader networks with capacity training, resources and authority. Capacity strengthening is beneficial to local faith actors so that they can protect children on the move. Links with religious networks across countries and regions help support faith actors to provide for children on the move and advocate for continued protection.

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