World Vision’s Mobilizing for Maternal and Neonatal Health through Birth Spacing and Advocacy (MOMENT) project focuses on improving maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH) by increasing community-led advocacy, political advocacy and US/Canadian funding for global health. The community-led advocacy, through Citizen Voice and Action, and its Channels of Hope models, focuses on engaging faith leaders to promote and increase MNCH and Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies/Family Planning (HTSP/FP) services to improve child survival and women’s health, prevent unintended pregnancies, and reduce child and maternal morbidity and mortality.

For example in Kenya-

The program trained 200 faith leaders with the tools to respond compassionately and practically to their congregations and communities with accurate information about HTSP/FP that can save the lives of women and children. They have organized over 360 church volunteers to spread the word in their communities. In 2015 alone, the faith leaders referred 4,288 women to family planning services. More than half (2,819) are now using a method of contraception that is right for them.

For more information please see the World Vision website and brochure

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