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CHAPTER 6 Faith-based rural poverty reduction in Uganda
Published: 2019 Author:James Copestake, Michelle James, Marlies Morsink and Charlotte Flowers
More than the Money – Localisation in practice
Published: 2017
ملخص للسياسة: الجهات الفاعله العقائدية وتنفيذ الاتفاقيه الدولية بشأن اللاجئين
Published: 2018
Faith in Action – the role of faith leaders in humanitarian action
Published: 2017 Author:Danish Aziz
Faith Action for Children on the Move, Global Partners Forum
Published: 2018 Author:Faith Action for Children on the Move
Facilitator’s Manual for Provincial Coordinators and Religious Leaders – Talking with Families about Malaria Portuguese
Published: 2010 Author:PIRCOM Programa Inter-Religioso Contra a Malaria, USAID and C-Change Communication for Change
Missionary Responses to Ebola Virus Crises- Misean Cara
Published: 2018 Author:Misean Cara
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