Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty

The center, with funding from the GHR Foundation, published an evaluation and analysis of NIFAA’s early work in 2011, two years after NIFAA’s founding. The report demonstrated NIFAA “offers a sustainable and replicable model to address this pressing health issue” according to  Andreas Hipple, Director of Programs at the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty.

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Over an 18 month period, the Center for Interfaith Action (CIFA) engaged religious leaders in Ethiopia and Nigeria to change attitudes and behaviors surrounding the issues of early marriage (EM) and female genital cutting (FGC). Through interfaith models and toolkits, created from CIFA’s in-depth formative research in those two countries, religious leaders have been empowered as advocates for stopping these harmful traditional practices. The percentage of faith leaders involved in this project who opposed early marriage and FGC more than doubled as a result of CIFA’s intervention. Based on these compelling program results, CIFA is equipped to take anti-FGC and EM interfaith programs to scale in Ethiopia, Nigeria and other priority countries, and to leverage the powerful voices of faith leaders (FLs) to champion the elimination of these harmful traditional practices.

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