Sources of Revenue and International Expenditures of US FaithBased NGOs, based on IRS 990 Forms for Fiscal Years 20112016

Faith-based Financing

The CF&CG in collaboration with the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities worked to develop an evidence base for US-faith-based organizations’ financial contributions to the health and well-being of their communities.

US Faith-based NGO Financing for International Assistance
Faith-based NGOs are known to contribute substantial resources—financial, technical, human, and in-kind—to poverty alleviation, health care provision, and relief of suffering through international development activities and humanitarian assistance. It is critical to understand the necessary, complementary, and unique roles of public and private funding, the massive contribution of private resources secured through faith based entities, and the leveraging of public investment by private resources by those faith-based NGOs who receive public funding.

Though quantifying these resources and their sources remains challenging, one publicly available source of data on revenues and expenditures is the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) annual filings required of tax-exempt Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This report is based on research that uses publicly available IRS 990 forms to quantify the private and public revenues and expenditures of US faith-based NGOs.

Summary data on US Faith-based NGOs for FY2011-FY2016 may be found below:

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