This is a living document. It is up-to-date as of April 2020.

We expect that new resources will be issued and can be used in addition to this document in the future. This document was produced in a short time as a reference guide, but has not been fully edited. Please excuse typographical errors. This is the source document for a series of guides for religious leaders and faith communities in the Multi-Religious Faith-in-Action COVID-19 Initiative with UNICEF and Religions for Peace, which will be released late April/May 2020. Please contact JLI for further information on these guides.

Acknowledgments: Sincere thanks to the Faith and Positive Change for Children (FPCC) Partners Religions for Peace and UNICEF for their review and contributions. Thanks also to the faith-based organization members of the FPCC Advisory Group (ACT Alliance, Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Anglican Alliance, Arigatou International, Catholic Relief Services, Episcopal Relief and Development, Humanitarian Forum Indonesia, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Mothers’ Union, Salvation Army, Sarvodaya, Soka Gakkai International, Tearfund, World Council of Churches, and World Vision International) for sharing their resources, and reviewing the guidance document.

Contributors: Olivia Wilkinson, Susanna Trotta, Ellen Goodwin, Stacy Nam, and Jean Duff

Suggested Citation: Multi-Religious Faith-in-Action COVID-19 Campaign Guidance Document
for Religious Leaders and Faith Communities. April 2020. Washington DC: Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities

Correspondence: Dr. Olivia Wilkinson, Director of Research, Joint Learning Initiative on Faith
and Local Communities, [email protected]


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