Rights without borders

Locations: Grenada, Lebanon, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Uruguay, Rwanda, South Africa, Italy, Thailand, Australia

Program overview:

  • Primary care (but not exclusive) to children, young people and their families.
  • Promoting education through extra schooling support, non-formal education and ongoing formation
  • Education in local languages and culture at points of arrival, while attempting to nourish history, culture language of origin.
  • Networking with other institutions in order to articulate actions and to follow up situations of migrants.
  • Collaborating with other Governmental organizations at different levels (national, regional and local) to develop projects.
  • Legal support of migrants.
  • Organizing local and international volunteers.
  • Use of different material and human resources and infrastructure from Marist schools and universities.

Also see Spanish Reports  for Lebanon Workshop held in 2017 (Catholic-University 2017 Partnership Lebanon) and Granada Workshop held in 2017  (Catholic University 2017 Partnership Granada)

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