The JLI convenes policymakers, academics and professionals to build and communicate evidence of religions’ and faith-based organizations’ roles in development work. Because of growing interest in environment related topics, JLI created a webinar series to discuss faith and climate work, highlighting faith-based programs, interfaith programs, applied research and advocacy.

Local communities globally are increasingly impacted by climate change. Local faith communities are involved not only in building awareness of the impact of climate change but also bringing religious and spiritual understandings of stewardship and care for our planet to the discussion. Additionally, faith-based NGOs are working in climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation support in communities and mobilizing faith communities to advocate for change. These organizations are developing climate-sensitive ways of operating in their humanitarian and development movements.

All webinar episodes are recorded and available on JLI’s YouTube channel and additional climate and faith resources can be found on JLI’s website.

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