Alliance for PeacebuildingCDA Collaborative Learning Projects, and Search for Common Ground, with support from the GHR Foundation,

This guide intends to improve the practice of inter-religious action for peace, by encouraging the regular application of monitoring and evaluation tools.

Religious communities have powerful potential to contribute to sustainable and peaceful societies, and their contribution to and inclusion in peacebuilding has never been more critical. Inter-religious peacebuilding is not new; it has been practiced throughout history in response to a wide variety of socio-political needs. However, the intensity of inter-religious action for peacebuilding has increased, as globalization has brought a variety of religions into closer proximity to each other and, in some locations, political dynamics and conflicts have strained relations among peoples of different faiths who have lived together in harmony for many generations. In recent decades, religion has taken on renewed political significance, and has been seen increasingly as a driver of conflict—rightly or wrongly. Interest has therefore grown in inter-religious action to promote peace.

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