Humanitarian-Development Nexus in South Sudan: Overcoming fragile weakened governance through faith-based institutions to promote sustained community engagement for child wellbeing



  • UNICEF South Sudan C4D is focused on sustaining community engagement during an L2 emergency with widespread food insecurity, conflict and displacement. In the community, religious leaders are key influencers and their engagement must be sustained to create change.
  • UNICEF works with religious leaders to provide key lifesaving messages and increase their knowledge on subjects related to child rights so that the religious leaders can integrate these messages into their routine sermons and community announcements and facilitate in-depth dialogue with followers of the faith to shape their attitudes and practices.
  • Due to instability in the country, governance structures
    are weakened and community leaders, including religious leaders, must be engaged on a community by community basis to support community engagement. UNICEF has created an Integrated Community Mobilization Network, now with over 4,500 volunteers, and regularly engages with religious leaders through orientations to sustain the growth of their knowledge and their engagement in improving child wellbeing.


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