The World Council of Churches (WCC) launched a tool to encourage young people to promote financial choices in response to the climate crisis after releasing the 2020 research paper Cooler Earth – Higher Benefits: Actions by those who care about children, climate and finance.

Churches Commitments to Children stresses under Commitment 2 that churches will try to make decisions together with children when such decisions have something to do with children’s lives,” said WCC deputy general secretary Prof. Dr Isabel Phiri. “This new poster will be very useful for churches’ intergenerational efforts for climate justice and for planning activities for children together with children.”

The Cooler Earth poster presents a pathway with three main steps that can help identify climate-safe banks. Several resources are connected that invite young generations to undertake simple actions to hold big banks accountable for climate change.

“The tool we are launching today supports young generations to be protagonists of a world with climate-friendly financial choices,” said Frederique Seidel, WCC programme executive for Child Rights. “All churches and partners are warmly encouraged to use this new resource throughout the year, by incorporating it into curricula and intergenerational initiatives. One upcoming opportunity is World Earth Day on 22 April when the poster can support churches and partners to mark this important day by bringing hope through concrete and simple climate solutions.”

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Read the Cooler Earth-Higher Benefits: Actions by those who care about children, climate and finance

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