Channels of Hope (CoH) is an interactive, facilitated process to create a safe space for faith leaders and faith communities to learn, share and debate. It reaches to the root causes and deepest convictions that impact attitudes, norms, values and practices toward the most vulnerable. The process is grounded in guiding principles from participants’ holy scriptures. CoH is more than just workshops or education, it is life transformation. It is designed to move the heart, inform the mind and motivate a sustained and effective response to significant issues. CoH does not proselytise or change people’s doctrine, but equips faith leaders to apply their sacred texts to key social issues and encourage other faith leaders to do the same.

CoH mobilises and builds on the existing competencies of community leaders, especially faith leaders and their congregations, to respond to some of the most difficult issues affecting their communities. Through this process, they are exposed to additional capacity-building efforts that may strengthen their own responses.

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