Participating in the United Nations’ 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the World Evangelical Alliance’s (WEA) Creation Care Task Force (CCTF) highlighted the role of faith communities in general and evangelical churches in particular, when it comes to urbanization in the 21st century. At a press conference on February 12th, the CCTF presented the “Gospel and the future of Cities: A Call to Action”.

This is a follow up from a meeting in Singapore where fifty-four diverse faith leaders from eleven countries, representing thirty-two organizations, worked hard in their sector areas–theology, the academy and education, food systems, slum/unplanned communities, community development, urban design, land tenure, good governance, data and technology, health, youth and leadership development, business and economic justice, and arts and culture–to produce outcomes that validated the mutual hopes and aspirations of UN-Habitat, the WUC, and faith-based organizations. Many significant firsts were accomplished, but at the top of the list is the “Faith -based UTC declaration,” which states “The Inclusion of germane faith-based perspectives, and working relationships with faith-based organizations co-committed to the common Good, are necessary to the success of the New Urban Agenda.”

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