The World Evangelical Alliance is a global association of national and regional alliances, global networks, partners and associated ministries who work together. WEA is a network of churches in 129 nations that have each formed an evangelical alliance and over 100 international organizations. They represent a global voice, equip embers with resources on topics of theology, missiology, social justice and more through online library & connects many church networks, ministries and organizations for greater strategic impact.

Mission: to strengthen the Evangelical Alliance at world, regional and national levels, establishing Alliances where they do not yet exist, in order to enable the Church to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ and effect personal and community transformation for the glory of God.

Vision: a global network of Evangelical Alliances united in mission and effective in voice on national, regional and global issues resulting in Christ-like transformation.

Faith Affiliation: Christian

Key Facts: With the help of several employees and many volunteers, the World Evangelical Alliance is able to reach 6 million beneficiaries in 129 different countries.

Statement of Faith

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