The Guide to Excellence in Evidence for Faith Groups is produced collaboratively by diverse religious and faith groups – local, national, and global – who are members of the Evidence Working Group. The Online Guide supports the gathering and sharing of evidence by religious and faith-based organizations. The Guide provides details about their work to alleviate poverty and enhance the wellbeing of their local communities.

This site was created to share our experience and knowledge with companion faith groups and to promote joint learning. We all strive to improve the excellence of the evidence for our work. We recognize we all have much to learn from one other. On the site, you will find reflections on measurement challenges, tools we use to gather information, examples of data collection approaches, and other resources. No one size fits all! Although the examples and tools on the site are tailored to specific communities and programs, some of the materials may be adaptable to your own programs.

In our journeys of learning how to collect and use evidence, we have learned that faith groups have distinctive faith-inspired perspectives on evidence. We want to track basic information that tell us whether and how our programs benefit communities. Also, whether there are distinctive benefits of faith-based work. We do not have all the answers, but we wish to share with you the answers we do have, and the benefits that using evidence can bring to our work.


Please visit the following pages:

  1. Why should faith groups care about evidence?
    What is evidence is and why it is important? You’ll also see videos of religious leaders speaking about why evidence matters.
  2. How does faith shape our understanding of evidence?
    Faith groups have unique perspectives on evidence, based on our various understandings of how God works in our world.
  3. How can faith groups get started or get better at collecting and using evidence?
    Practical guidelines and steps to understanding how to get started or improve work with evidence.

Below are a list of tools and resources that different faith groups have contributed to the Guide. Each example explains how a particular faith group has approached evidence in one aspect of their work. We hope that you will be able to find the examples useful to your own faith group’s learning. We hope these guidelines and examples will jumpstart your process of thinking through measurement and learning from a faith perspective.


Library of Examples

Published: 2016Author:United Religions Initiative
Published: 2016Author:Episcopal Relief & Development
Published: 2016Author:Christian Association of Kenya (CHAK)
Published: 2016Author:WACC Rural Missionaries of the Philippines Northern Mindanao Sub-Region
Published: 2016Author:Tearfund