Learning Hubs are multi-religious, interdisciplinary, collaborative learning platforms for practitioners, policymakers, academics and other experts to engage key stakeholders in religion and development.

Hubs focus on increasing the evidence of faith engagement to inform and improve policy and practice between faith groups, humanitarian, and development communities. Leading experts from different sectors co-chair each Learning Hub.


Learning Hubs work through shared learning:

Review, map, and assess what is already known about the role and impact of faith groups in development, health and well-being of local communities.

Current JLI Learning Hubs:

Anti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Ending Violence Against Children Gender-based Violence  Mobilization of Local Faith Communities Refugees & Forced Migration


The Evidence Working Group of the Moral Imperative’s Faith-based Action Framework is also hosted on the JLI.


Inactive Hub Resources:


Other thematic areas