The current crisis in Central African Republic (CAR) is often framed in religious terms, with a ‘Muslim’ Seleka group seizing power in the majority-Christian country in early 2013, then with ‘Christian’ militias called the ‘anti-Balaka’ rising up to counter this. While, prior to the outbreak of violence in 2013, most of the citizens of the CAR have memories of living side-by-side despite different religions, this coexistence broke down quickly as the political conflict unfolded, with many growing entrenched in their existing religious communities, marked by increased suspicion and mistrust of others. Furthermore, with the rise of violence, more than 13,000 children have been exploited by armed groups. Many more children have been subjected to sexual abuse, gender-based violence and ongoing risk of injury; there are still many children who are displaced and separated from their families, exposing them to even greater risk of abuse and exploitation.
World Vision Central African Republic (World Vision CAR) has been implementing a variety of social cohesion and peacebuilding programmes as a part of its larger response to the crisis.

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