The ICFP forum brings us together to learn, share and find innovative ways to improve the quality and coverage of our family planning work in order to meet the reproductive health needs of the community. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly our approaches and systems can be impacted and lead to negative results

Faith communities and faith leaders play crucial gate keeping and influencing roles in the success of advancing health in developing countries. Existing cultural and religious practices can also contribute to or further exasperate the issues that lead to poor health outcomes for the mother and child. Faith communities can even be the drivers of misinformation; thus, creating barriers that prohibit people from visiting clinics, receiving vaccinations, or using family planning methods. The influence of faith communities and faith leaders have been an essential component of efforts to address early marriage, combat harmful traditional practices, establish equitable treatment for women and girls, and overcome the stigma around male involvement in RMNCH.

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