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This list presents key evidence on faith, religion, and humanitarian action published within the last five years. This evidence has been collated to support participants in dialogue at the World Humanitarian Summit on issues of engagement with faith communities and faith-based organizations in the context of humanitarian response. However, we hope that it will prove a useful resource for discussion well beyond the WHS. See resources collated here:

The list is sorted alphabetically by the first author’s surname. Short summaries for each item are given. Full length versions can be found at the URL provided. 

Separate listings are provided of submissions to the World Humanitarian Summit consultation process relevant to the themes faith and religion, and also reports from regional consultation events convened as part of the planning of the Special Event on religious engagement at the WHS.

Evidence collated on behalf of the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities by Olivia Wilkinson and Helena Manguerra. 

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