Lessons from civil society organizations funded by the UN Trust Fund to end violence against women

Learning from practice brief series: Issue No. 2

This brief aims to explore why and how to engage faith-based and traditional actors in VAWG prevention, by drawing on the experiences of 10 civil society organizations (CSOs) implementing VAWG prevention projects in different countries and contexts, funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund). The brief showcases the unique contributions that CSOs can make in this area and attempts to fill knowledge gaps by synthesizing lessons learned by CSOs. It also aims to provide some practical tips and recommendations for practitioners engaging such actors in their interventions and for donors funding faith-based prevention projects.

The insights presented are based on the analysis of final external evaluations and project reports, and focus group discussions with CSO practitioners themselves. Through a qualitative, inductive approach, the authors put these insights from the 10 CSOs into conversation with existing literature on faith-based and traditional actors, to high-light how learning from practice can contribute to the evidence base on prevention of VAWG.

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