Number 77 March 2020

This edition of Humanitarian Exchange, co-edited with Anne Harmer, focuses on the response to the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Although at the time of publication the outbreak appeared to have ended, over its course it claimed 2,200 lives, with more than 3,300 infected, making this the world’s second-largest outbreak ever. In the lead article, Natalie Roberts reflects on the extent to which humanitarian actors have applied learning from the outbreak in West Africa in 2014–2016. Richard Kojan and colleagues report on the NGO ALIMA’s flexible, patient-centred approach to reducing mortality, Marcela Ascuntar reflects on lessons learned from community feedback and Bernard Balibuno, Emanuel Mbuna Badjonga and Howard Mollett highlight the crucial role faith-based organisations have played in the response.

Read the article on Faith leaders and Faith-based Organizations in the DRC Ebola Response

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