Responding to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s World Humanitarian Summit initiative, the Sovereign Order of Malta set up a Symposium to consider the question: ‘Do faith-based institutions have an added value in humanitarian action particularly in conflict situations?’
Two high level five-member panels deliberated: 1) Present challenges for faith-based institutions (Panel 1) 2) Preparing for the future. How can faith-based institutions better assist and protect civilian populations in times of conflict (Panel 2). The panels considered that FBOs/institutions offer unique strengths: in conflict resolution, in the importance of the spiritual dimension, the proximity of FBOs/institutions to local communities, their strong links on the ground, their position of trust, that all religions recognize a value based approach, that faith is a source of hope and that FBOs/institutions have a the moral and unifying power.
Report on May 2015 Symposium, Geneva
By the Order of Malta and World Humanitarian Summit

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