The Project Integration through Dialogue Toolkit consists of this Handbook, as well as two supplements: Activity Materials and Sample Information Handouts.

Toolkits are often defined as a collection of methods, materials and ideas. This Toolkit can be used in its entirety to replicate Project Integration through Dialogue. Alternatively, individual modules and activities can be extracted and incorporated into other contexts (e.g. into language classes or other forms of training). This Toolkit is based on the team’s work and lessons learned during project implementation in Vienna, Austria, from March 2017 to March 2018.

For that reason, we’ve produced the Toolkit in both English and German and much of the specific, About the Toolkit informational content (such as integration-related systems, services, and policies) is targeted to Austria, and the city of Vienna. On the other hand, most of the activities and content related to the development of dialogue and nonviolent
communication skills are universal and can be relevant for people seeking refuge or migrants in a number of different contexts.

We hope the Toolkit will inspire users to better understand dialogue as an approach to support integration and inclusion, and that it will provide a simple way for those working on refugee or migrant integration to introduce integration-related dialogue into their own work.

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