Since 2006, Episcopal Relief & Development has been investing in a malaria-free future through its award-winning, flagship NetsforLife® malaria prevention program. NetsforLife® is a unique partnership of corporations, foundations, non-governmental groups and faith-based organizations collaborating with National Malaria Control Programs in all participating countries to develop innovative and results-oriented approaches to save lives.

NetsforLife® empowers communities to fight malaria by raising awareness, providing life-saving education and promoting the use of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) in homes. The program trains volunteers as Malaria Control Agents, equipping them to educate their communities about proper net use and maintenance. The ongoing monitoring and evaluation efforts of these volunteers helps to instill a net culture – a community-wide understanding of the protective value of nets, ways to to prevent malaria and when to seek effective medical treatment.

Involving local faith leaders and volunteers is vital for success, harnessing the ‘power of the pulpit’ and influence of faith leaders to communicate about malaria prevention and initiate change.

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