Religiously-motivated stigma regarding HIV may lead to denial and discrimination, preventing children and adolescents from receiving the critical care they need. Without treatment, HIV progresses rapidly and is often fatal in infants and children – almost 75% of untreated, HIV-infected children will die by their fifth birthday.6 Understanding and addressing stigma while also expanding opportunities for early diagnosis and treatment of children by maximizing the resources of faith-based pediatric HIV providers are critical for preventing HIV transmission, disease progression, and death. To address this challenge, the UNAIDS/PEPFAR Faith Initiative worked with Caritas Internationalis to host a series of meetings with senior leaders from government, donors, civil society, and the private sector. Participants established a plan with 41 commitments to focus, accelerate, and collaborate on the development, registration, introduction, and roll-out of the most optimal pediatric formulations and diagnostics to increase the numbers of children on antiretroviral therapy.

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