A Toolkit for Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction & Management for members and partners of the Anglican relief and development community

Episcopal Relief convened a global Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management Working Group to collaborate on creating these tools. Twelve partner representatives joined us from Australia, Brazil, Burundi, China, El Salvador, Mozambique, Myanmar, the Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

For over two years, the working group adapted, developed and field tested user-friendly tools that can be used in both low- and high-capacity contexts. The tools are especially suited to the Anglican context, and are designed to build on our existing human, technical and structural assets and resources – thereby heightening awareness of available networks and improving monitoring mechanisms that enhance and increase local capacity. They drew on a wealth of existing materials, which are identified as references.

Anyone interested in equipping service organizations to prepare for, mitigate and respond to disasters efficiently and effectively are welcome to use the toolkit.

Episcopal Relief & Dev Disaster Risk Reduction Website

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