Faith-based organizations and religious groups are important partners in UNICEF’s work to protect children across the globe. Communities of faith are important advocates for the rights and protection of vulnerable groups and key players in preventing and ending the exploitation of children. That is why we created an Interfaith Toolkit to End Trafficking—to better equip the communities that are well-positioned and motivated to address child trafficking and its root causes.

The purpose of the Interfaith Toolkit to End Trafficking is to educate faith leaders, faith-based organizations, and houses of worship on the issue of human trafficking and empower them with the tools and resources they need to take action against it. The toolkit highlights the values of several faith traditions, includes scriptural examples from major religious texts, and offers over 12 ways faith communities can combat human trafficking globally and locally.

Most importantly, the toolkit highlights and makes clear: we will not end child trafficking unless we all work together.

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