The primary aim of this Resource Guide is to mobilize Faith-inspired resources to end Child Poverty. The Guide has been developed by Arigatou International’s Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty, (End Child Poverty) – a multi-faith, child centered, global initiative that mobilizes faith-inspired resources to end child poverty.

Religious communities and organizations have unique resources. These include their spiritual values, social capital and moral assets. By working together in partnership with like-minded organizations, we believe in mobilising resources to reduce poverty at grassroots and global level. We have a three-pronged strategy:

  1. Mitigating the root causes of poverty in the human heart through theological reflection, prayer and action;
  2. Combating the structural causes of poverty through interfaith advocacy and lobbying; and
  3. Accompanying, supporting or undertaking replicable and sustainable grassroots projects, all targeting alleviation of Child Poverty.

This guide has ten chapters, each dealing with a specific theme that analyses and relates various aspects of Child Poverty. The Guide is relevant and engaging to various audiences, for different purposes and different contexts. The guide can for instance be used as a resource to;

  1. Build the leadership capacity of an organization or institution;
  2. Function as a training tool for adults and youth working with children;
  3. Act as a study tool for educational purposes in academic environments; and
  4. Provide practical tools and tips to help plan events and projects to alleviate Child Poverty.

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